Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Red and Black Week Day 5 + Day 6

Unfortunately, I've been having a lot of "Blue screen of Doom" moments on my computer, and it happened on day 5 just as i was posting :( so! after some more dramas and goings on, I've reached the computer, and i will put together the two days for you :3 <3

And not only that, but for the last 4 days Western Australia (mostly the south west) where i live, has been pelted by massive storm winds, up to about, as much as i wanted to get everything in on time, i simply couldn't, we have been without power, reception, gas and water for 4 and a half days, so if simply wasn't possible :( and being in a rural apple orchid area, we need power to pump our water, and being surrounded by old trees and a highway out the front, it's been terribly dangerous :/ but the worst is over for now, and power is restored, which im super happy about!!! :D *

For day 5 i put up a selection of photos i've done for my local bellydance group. these ones are of my great friends/ neighbor/ journalist/ writer/ just all round AMAZING person, Nina Smith :D

And here is Day 6!! which is a collaboration of some of my favorite photos with friends, involving red and black :D ( seems to be all i wear, haha!)

Medieval Carnivale 2011 ;D

Lolly & Vee <3

Burlesque - love it ;D

Mr metal ;D
Hur hur, i pull some of the craziest faces....and i dont care how gawd awful they look hehe ;)

Vava & Tiff! <3

dani and vava first meet :3

Bewbs in face? awwweee yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh
yay! car ride with milli! <3

At soundwave! <3

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

supanova 2011 omg HEARTLESS! <3
Photobooths - i love them :3

my wifeys <3


my honey bear <3
a little bit of atmosphere ;)

Gaga-esque haha ;D

I hope everyone enjoyed red and black week, i know i sure did! but just because its over, doesnt mean you should stop wearing these fabulous colors!! :D
much love, and if you have any questions to ask or comments, please feel free!
Loves and Kisses
Vavabeeb ~<3

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