Saturday, 15 December 2012

Many things and AMNESIA!

Hey peeps!
long time no see~
So a lot has gone on since i last posted, i turned 21, my sister's been visiting and moving her families stuff in, i've been job hunting like Steve Erwin, and i've reconnected with some beloved friends <3

Also......i made an Amnesia playthrough video......and plan on making more.....
I swear,
I'm a bloody masochist D:

So yeah, anyway, my birthday was pretty cool! A lot of people canceled last minute or never showed up, but i still had a great time with my closest friends~. For those who didn't know, i had a Sci Fi themed birthday ;3 i got a custom made Companion Cube birthday cake with "it's a lie!" written on it, and my mother made me a gingerbread tardis, which i got to karate chop in half ^.^ There was also Ice planets, a Death star pinata and theme music! the next morning was spent chilling with everyone and playing mario cart :P
I think the best birthday gift of all was was going to pic up one of my best friends Imelda and her Plus 1 from town, only to find out in the middle of a crowded caffe that her plus one was in fact Annie, who said she couldnt get the time off or money to make it to the party, and kept that secret for months just to fly all the way over from broome to give me the BIGGEST birthday surprise ever! Imelda and April kept it a very well hidden secret! ahh i love those three :3
I went as Sikozu from farscape, because, y'know, crazy read head and all ;) so heres some pics for you to enjoy!

Companion Cube Cake!!!
The Doctor and Amy with the Tardis ;3

Me and Kawaii Warf :3

Red shirt! ;P

Me and Dani love~

Ice Planet fun!

my fave color :D


Vava and Le Doctor (april) <3

Mario cart fun!


My love for this <3
And i shall leave thee at this!
hope you guys are having a great weekend and such!
much loves XD


  1. What a great party! I am glad it was a great time!

  2. Hi Vavabeeb! I love your blog, I hope you start updating again soon :3
    Meanwhile, I'm tagging you in an unnamed thing! It's a nice thing, I assure you ;)
    My answer to this thing can be found here
    I hope you can participate!