Saturday, 10 November 2012


WELP! i haven't been on in such a long time, but here it is..
And what a grand (and slighty delayed) post this is!

you see....on my most favored day of the year, the 31st of october, i happened to check my blogger account, and this came up to greet me!
Which made me happy giggle! what are the odds? and on halloween to boot!
so i want to thank EVERY ONE OF YOU for taking an interest in my oddball ways, and i swear i will become more interesting down the track ;) <3

How was everyone's halloween? i spent the day in high spirits, decided to doll myself up just because i felt like it (and i had nothing else to do on a wednesday night :P ) and then that night i was left completely freaked out, why? well, i found a folded letter in my purse, which i had been using all day mind you (and this letter was quite large) between one of my good friends and her mother........from 2008.
now, i hadn't seen her in weeks, and she had just gone on her honeymoon, and her mother was also out of the country on work.......this letter, was sitting in the card section, poking out as if someone had slipped it in there...which was what must have happened, because i took my purse out 10 mins earlier to put some change away...and nothing was there.
Only one other person was in the house, and they were asleep...
I told her about it, and shes just as confused as i am, for she always kept that letter on her desk at home....
Lets just say, we're still freaking out about it.
But some Midnight Monster Madness made it all better that night XD

The next weekend was me and dani poops friend, Caitlins halloween party! which was a friend filled booze driven mad fest XD ahhhhh, good times!

and to make these past weeks better, guess what?
One more day until my birthday ;3
November 12
Almost time for my Sci fi themed 21st on the 17th!....and i still havent figured out what im wearing.....eep!!

With that, i leave you with some pictures ;D
Stay sexy~!