Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Baby Vava-Bat + Photo Spam!

so! Recently on the 'Goth and More' blogging group im with, some of the girls have been posting up pictures from their baby bat days. everyone was so cute and at least looked like they were confident who they were, and were proud of it. Which made me think about my baby bat days. :)

it's only been the last year or two that i've discovered myself fully. i've had a lot of confusing years, and it never helped being the one everyone bullied in primary school and highschool.
i was the ugly kid. the fat kid. the joke of the class that was fun to provoke.
of those i was sure of. but it was my individual identity that i wasnt sure of.

I'd always known i was different. i never liked the preppy-mainstream way of things, but i liked the positive attention girls my age got. so at one stage, i tried to be like them, tried to be overly girly, and tried to get people to accept me. i had some very true friends in primary school (which im still very close to), but once high school started, that changed of course, and i became a third wheel - the one you encouraged to do stupid and embarrassing stuff just to get a laugh. feeling lost once again, i began to think life would be better without my existence. but i met a girl. she was small and adorable, with an asian background, and was very goth. we became very good friends, and i found a very great niche of people that i fit in with well. meeting her was a big change in my life, and i finally realized who i was/could be.
She was also the one than made me realize i liked girls. she was my first crush.

Everything spiraled around from that day and met back together to make me who i am today.
I am Goth.
I am Pansexual.
I am Happy and i am PROUD of who i am. <3

I loved the camera since i was young, and i always liked to be on the other side.
most of my poser pictures i believe, were me trying to subconsciously convince myself that i could be pretty, and the more pretty ones of myself i could take, the more i would actually start to believe it, and gain some confidence.
i never really realized just how much i used to take until i looked through all my old albums...and oh my gosh!!
I've cut down as much as i could, but i thought i'd try and paint a picture of myself and my journey with a big photo post..so here you go - my baby bat days. 15-18 ;)
Amy lee esque
Playing with blond wigs and fake piercings

Deciding if i should go blond with snakebites, haha!

I liked to play about with makeup a lot :P


Managing to look a bit asian haha

My bathroom was my fave place to take photos

Looking all ghost like ;)


oh gawsh...my vamp fettish, haha!

Bruise like fang bites?

one of my faves that made me feel beautiful

First stages of baby bat :3

First stages of baby bat :3

bunny ears XD

me and one of my besties with fangs

me and one of my besties with fangs

Over exposure was my thing back then ;)

loved my natural auburn hair <3

like i said...i loved over exposure ;)

i always tended to pout or look grumpy :/

i've learned not to frown so much!

yay for my odd photo sessions!

trying to be a cute goth :P

HAHA! yes...i liked stuffed toys XD

What i wouldn't give to have my hair that thick again!!

Trying to be a glammy goth haha XO

One of my faves that gave me confidence

hehe my younger VF days :P

realizing im quite kinky....

a shoot after a friends birthday at a sex shop....

......i was under age......

.......they didn't know that XD

Loved this corset! wish i could find one like it :P

And there you go!! photos from my discovery days! :3 i've come a long way since then, but im going to save you from more photo spam/comparisons! i will do one later on if you guys deem it worthy of doing :)
anyway, im going to be late for work so i better scoot!! remember everyone, be confident in WHO YOU ARE!! :3

~VavaBeeb <3


  1. ... "I was underage" VIVI, YOU BAD ASS. xx love you gorgeous.

  2. ooooh love your pics <3 youre really pretty!
    i was photo-shy and even managed to hide from the school pictures - now i'm sad about that... so thank you for sharing!


    1. Nawww! Thankyou sweetheart! :3 though I look a lot different now hehe :) awe really? :( well, what's past is past, you can start making some new memories and take plenty of pictures!! ;) thankYOU for visiting!! :3 *kissu*