Thursday, 24 May 2012

Ponderings of a Geek

I've been brainstorming for my birthday recently.
i want my 21st to be super awesome! but i've been torn between - should i have it hosted in a hall so everyone can just have a wikkid time? or have a themed party, which i always seem to have.
and it was a good friend of mine that ultimately decided it for me.....
SciFi theme >;D

I thought, stuff it! im not going to try and impress and satisfy everyone for my birthday, no, i want to have FUN and i want my guests to aswell!! so theme it is ;D

The only problem is.....i dont know where to begin with it! what decorations, food, music, etc?
luckily, im prepared in one way; my friend ebony is a Pinterest MASTER!! not only that, but shes a themed party legend aswell! go take a look at all her Themed Party Boards!! :D

and luckily also, she has a scifi one! Cyber & Scifi theme~
and i've also started my own, hehe!Vava's board ;D

so many ideas running through my head!! if you have any, i would LOVE to hear them!! <3

oh, and i found this seriously awesome video on you tube!!! why cant we have a world/highschool like THAT!??! Gaming FTW!

This has made me seriously realize, i miss my gaming days!! i've just been to damn busy to play anything on console, computer or hand held :'( and it makes me sad! it also doesn't help that i dont have  a hell of a lot of friends who like gaming as much as i do, *pout*
i also seriously hate when i find people that do (mostly guys) and they take one look at me and go
"oh. your a gamer? playing farmville and barbie doesnt make you a gamer, you know that, right?"
.......are you F**KING kidding me!?? you do realize that sterio types doesnt mean shit and, you know, it's the 21st century, girl can do things you can, and we DO have rights!
i've pulled up more hours gaming than you've spent pissfarting around at what YOU call gaming.
but it doesnt sink in until i beat them to a bloody pulp, in game of course. it makes it all worth wile to watch them squirm and fumble for excuses as to why they just got Pwnd ^_^
some people are so frustrating!
im thinking i might kick back this weekend and play play some FF or something i can relax with and have fun.... i really do need to update my game collection tehe! <3

with that, my lovelies, i must leave. time for me to get ready, dress, and head in town for a photoshoot staring the eyes of mua ;D

keep trecking guys ;D  ,\\//

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    I love you and what you've chosen as a theme o__O omg.. what am I going to dress up in.. so many ideaas right now.