Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mothers Debt and an IDEA

ooo Havent updated in a while, so i though i'd give a quick one to let you all know im still here ;)

So, not alot has gone on this week, i'll be posting up a video of me doing makeup+hair soon...because i can ;) so i hope you all enjoy that!
on another note!
i've found this donation site, that helps you collect donations for WHATEVER! so, i've started one up to help my mother.....i know she doesn't like depending on people, so i thought, if i can help her in any capacity, i will DAMN WELL DO IT!!!!
My Beautiful Mother :3

 So, if you can, please donate! even if its only a small amount, it really will go a long way to helping her!! the one thing im worried most about this all is that she will loose her house, her possessions, her heart. she is an earthy, lover of all, goddess....and she doesn't deserve to live in constant fear.

Here is the link to her donation page!
Mums Debt Help
Please share it to anyone you can think of, who would want to help!! :)

and i've been pondering on something i would love my followers to help me out on, on this topic.
i was thinking, since there is such a VAST amount of wonderful bloggers out there, and i've seen some things like this done before.....that maybe it would help with donations.
i was thinking of doing a sort of prize, reward thing on all blogs and tumblr.
as in:
"Please share and donate to this cause! your name will be put onto the list, and a winner will be drawn at random!" sort of thing.
what do you think everyone? worth a shot? would you share this around?
and what sort of prize would it be?
i think something hand made, or maybe an array of different things, like a prize basket. would anyone be willing to help me out with it or contribute?

im just throwing around ideas at this point, so hopefully something will come of it!
if you guys have any ideas or contributions i would SERIOUSLY LOVE to hear them!

Thankyou all my beauties, have a wonderful night, and i will update with my next soon :3

~VavaBeeb <3

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