Tuesday, 22 May 2012

House sitting and Addictive cyber company!

SO! i've been away for a couple of days house sitting, i leave with two followers....come back to nine.
awesome :3
thankyou lovies!

so yes, for the past couple of days i have been house sitting my dads house. he works for a big building company up in perth, and only comes back on weekends. this time though, hes traveled to some weird named town far FARRRRR down south, so im looking after the house and my dog hes looking after; princess.
unfortunately, living out in the middle of no where, with no gates, and next to the highway, wasnt a very good place to live for a jack who loves to run and play, but who had to be tied up each day, so, father it was! that was a year or two ago. even though shes alone for a couple of days a week, they both love each others company, so it made my decision alot easier :P

going from tiny cottage to big house is a good change, it was like a little holiday :D i will hopefully be moving in there in a month or two anyway, so it's good to get used to the space.
and what did i do there, since i was ripped away from my computer?
Worked, and watched anime ;P
alot of anime......
two complete seasons.
Black cat (being watched for the first time) and Trinity Blood (an old fave of mine)
and i have to say, after getting through the first couple of episodes, black cat was AMAZING!!! XD

I also had my phone internet to keep me going. lucky! why lucky? because im addicted to a group of amazing people of facebook that make my heart do happy flips.....
Goth Bloggers :3
i've just recently joined, and i feel like i've found HOME!! i said to myself recently that i need change, need to meet and make some amazing new friends... and i have XD
I'd have to thank my amazingly beautiful and wondrous friend dani for this! she joined me up, and i couldnt be happier! shes one of my best, closest and all round AWESOME friend! you should toddle on over and check her out :3 Dani nom-biscuit ;P  <3                      
i liked them so much i showed them my boobs, HAHA!
oh what fun :3 but im glad my being disconnected from said computer hasn't led me to be completely disconnected! but i wasn't able to draw more pictures for everyone.
which i am able to do now though! after my big day at work tomorrow :/
i shall show what i have done so far......once i figure out how to make this damn image inserter STOP INSERTING THEM IN THE MIDDLE OF MY POST, AND NOT LETTING ME MOVE THEM DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF MY PAGE!!! *huff huff*

so, just wanted to give an update on whats been up, since i just got home ;) sorry it's all jumbled and over the place, i'll get better! might do a bit more tomorrow if im not too tired!!
sweet dreams~<3

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